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Rose Curls & Coils Moisture Melt

Rose Curls & Coils Moisture Melt

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Are you looking for a product to help your curls and coils look their best? Rose Curls & Coils Moisture Melt is the perfect choice! Our unique blend of Jasmine Rose Soy Protein helps delicately melt knots away while stimulating hair follicles and generating hair growth. Plus, it's non-oily and weightless, so your hair will be left feeling moisturized and nourished.

Our natural hair care products are designed to strengthen your locks and stop breakage. You can use our Moisture Melt as a leave in or part of your regular routine - either way, you'll get all the benefits of our super food blend that moisturizes, strengthens, and leaves your hair looking amazing! Try it today for healthy, beautiful curls & coils!

Care Instructions

Massage in dry hair feeding scalp for few minutes rinse and repeat scalp massage covering to the ends of hair then rinse clean.

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