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Microlinks/ Microbeads

Microlinks/ Microbeads

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Microlinks, also referred to as microbeads or micro rings, are silicone beads that are used to attach extensions to natural hair in lieu of glues, tapes, and thread. There are two ways to do so. First, the iTip and U Tip method, where individual strands bonded together by keratin at the tip are installed in sections of a ¼ to a ½ an inch. Then there’s the braid-less weft method, which is basically like installing a traditional weave but instead of sewing the tracks of hair into cornrows, you secure them onto your hair (near the scalp) using microbead. Nano rings are smaller beads and the preferred method of micobeads for fine and thinning hair to add seamless added volume and length

Care Instructions

Massage in dry hair feeding scalp for few minutes rinse and repeat scalp massage covering to the ends of hair then rinse clean.

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