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Braid it up Hairbraiding Control

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amazing on type 4 coarse hair types
makes hairbraiding easier for all hair types
non irritatiing, itching & hypo allergenic
No white residue
provides mega hold and superior conditioning for hair while braided
No product buildup.
concentrated vegan friendly product

This product offers many advantages over other styling products. Not only does it provide an unbreakable grip but also nourishes your hair with its natural oils to prevent breakage and damage. Plus, its light weight formula won't weigh down your style or leave any residue behind. You'll be left with gorgeous locks that are healthy and full of life!

So don't wait any longer - try out Braid it up Edge & Braid Control today and experience the difference for yourself! With our handmade formula, you'll have everything you need to create stunning styles without compromising on quality or health of your hair.

Care Instructions

Massage in dry hair feeding scalp for few minutes rinse and repeat scalp massage covering to the ends of hair then rinse clean.