Kinky Curly Natural Hair
Hair Styling
Ponytail brazilian straight (2) 22"




Hair Weaving
Custom U Part Weave Extension
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We specialize in healthy hair care,hairless, and chemically damaged hair, our staff is trained in all weaves and hair  extensions services, the techniques used is from our  healthy hair weaving library of fabulous.
Trust us when we tell you that you will look your best using products and services.

Ponytail Extensions

At Salon Niquel you can choose from all the most popular styles and trend
You don't ever have to worry about running out of Hair or have to shop online, as we carry our own in salon brand of hair extensions  Inditress Hair


Natural Hair & Protective Styling

Children are welcome

Hair Restoration for Alopecia, Extreme thinning, Tension and traction

Hairweaving, Hair Care, and wig making

Blow dry Styling and Cut/Color