Sip Shop Eat Pop Up Shop

Sip Shop Eat Pop Up Shop

Amazing two day event to kick off the summer new hair trends at our newest POP UP SHOP venue SIP SHOP EAT Promoting our organic Co wash and Relax hair system UntangleMend and Purwai.Check out our instagram below to watch our video of our cool experience.  Getting people in a new trend can sometimes be challenging. But being the expert its kinda hard for others to not be swayed. Women were amazing received mini hair consultation on the spot and walked away with targeted hair products made just right for their hair texture. Our in house assistant and brand model Kaihe  stepped it up once again and performed as a true assistant with her amazing video shots customer service and enthusiasm. Its a family business and she's truly a jewel. Catch us in New York again this December and be sure to get your tickets.....
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