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UntangleMend 1 Co Wash

UntangleMend 1 Co Wash

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Introducing UntangleMend 1 Co Wash, the perfect scalp care solution for frequent hair washes and sweaty summer scalps. Our smooth and creamy formula is handmade with aloe vera, organic olive oil, rose oil, and absolute jasmine to give your hair superior shine, volume and moisture.

You'll love how this co-wash helps untangle knots while keeping your hair hydrated and nourished. Plus, it's unbreakable so you can use it as often as you need without worrying about damaging your locks! It's a great way to maintain natural oils in between washes without weighing down your tresses.

With UntangleMend 1 Co Wash, you get all the benefits of a cleanser plus an added conditioning boost that will leave your hair looking healthier than ever before! So don't wait - start using our Silkening Co-wash today for unbeatable shine and softness.

Care Instructions

Massage in dry hair feeding scalp for few minutes rinse and repeat scalp massage covering to the ends of hair then rinse clean.

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