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Cado Protein Dry Scalp Oil Foaming Cleanse

Cado Protein Dry Scalp Oil Foaming Cleanse

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Tired of dry scalp and seborrheic dermatitis? Get the perfect balance for your hair with Cado Protein Dry Scalp Oil Foaming Cleanse. Our highly concentrated, yet gentle foaming formula cleanses without stripping away natural oils, providing ultimate moisture and hydration. This special blend of avocado oil, minty tree extracts and proteins helps fight dry scalp while keeping your locs healthy and strong. Plus, it's handmade with all-natural ingredients to ensure unbreakable results! Buy now and say goodbye to dry scalp once and for all!

Care Instructions

Massage in dry hair feeding scalp for few minutes rinse and repeat scalp massage covering to the ends of hair then rinse clean.

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