360 lace wig

360 full lace hair units are cancelled

Is it safe to say the 360 full lace hair units are a thing of the past. Tho they seemed to solve a problem the frontal 360 all round merely just added another.  Lace over bunching, having to melt the all around to hours later full case of  360 hair lifting to say the least. The 360 closure ponytail was cute and seemed to be a quick win for the protective stye as well as 360 frontal sew in hairstyles but still didn’t solve the overall issues. As well with the 

360 wigs and sew in, the issue of the lace just not staying and laying was frustrating and overall escaped customers to using ear to ear 

lace frontals which are technically half of the 360 units. 

Win for the New protective style unit Full Frontal Blender made by Hair Blending Systems 

The benefits of the lace has now been extended to bundles as the Frontal Blender eliminates the traditional line by line sewing technique making installs faster, painless, and healthier. So if you looking  for a 360 weave “No more bundles with 360 lace frontal” look no further and purchase a Frontal Hair Blender 


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